On  21-23 January a  three-day training-program was held at Akhaltskha State University.  The training was held by the project   "We are strong together” and the topic was  "Intercultural communication and Co-operation”. The participants of the training-program were  Georgian and Armenian youth of the age of 18-25.  The aim of the training  was to point out and discuss the problems  that had occurred during the years ,
  to solve them and stimulate the co-operation and relationship between two nations.

 The aim of the first day  program was to make the youth closer through different activities , which helped  them to familiarize  with each other  and  keeping patience and tolerance during the discussion of controversial  topics.

he next day , during the discussion  of the problems , it was noticed that both sides cared about nearly the same problems, such  as  destructive  approach to the  Georgian and Armenian media discussing a certain problem,  Armenians being considered as second-class by some of the Georgian  public sector, churches considered  problematic, historical irregularities , language and other problems.

  After the discussion of these problems the youth came to the following decisions:

-to create new  youth organizations, where the youth of the both nations will be able to discuss the problems, to solve them, to co-operate with each other on different topics and also try to make their voice to be heard outside;

-  to organize joint events for the pupils of both nations;

- to organize one-week hospitalities in Georgian and Armenian families with the purpose of  being acquainted with each other’s culture and integration;

- to organize joint camping.

At the end of the meeting the youth welcomed such program in Akhaltskha and in addition they mentioned that the city population treat each other well avoiding existing problems. According to the participants warm relationship between two nations is based on such small groups, where conflicts are solved in close and warm atmosphere without any offence. After the completion of the training the participant received  the certificates.

The program was held by The World Bank in Georgia.