SI tries to establish atmosphere of trust between parties to Karabakh conflict
ARF Bureau Hay Dat and Political Affairs Office director Kiro Manoyan said that the document on the Nagorno Karabakh conflict adopted by Socialist International (SI) in Paris is of keen importance and defines the organization’s further steps aimed at the conflict resolution.

"SI tries to establish atmosphere of trust among the parties to the Karabakh conflict both inside the organization and outside it. It is important that the document refers to displaced people from the two sides, necessity of following the 1994 truce terms, withdrawal of snipers from the frontline, what has been numerously offered by Armenia. And the most important thing is that SI urges the parties to display political will and make simultaneous and equivalent concessions,” Manoyan told a press conference in Yerevan.

In response to statements by Co-Chairman of the Azerbaijani Social-Democratic Party Araz Alizade that SI has not adopted a similar document in Paris, Kiro Manoyan advised to visit the official website of SI, where the document is posted.