Paper Vanguard Show at the “Hayartun” Cultural Center of the Armenian Diocese in Georgia
 On 16 March, 2013 by the initiative of the art group at the "Hayartun” Cultural Center of the Diocese of the Armenian Apostolic Orthodox Church in Georgia (teacher Tamara Sulkhanihvili) and with the support of the "Hayartun” Cultural Center, in the Calouste Gulbenkian Hall «TAMAR and KIDS PAPER FASHION SHOW» took place. The event was initiated within the framework of the program "Let’s protect the environment”. Paper that is made from wood is the result of cutting down trees. Frugally consuming paper, we protect our environment and save trees from destruction. Any type of paper, whether it is: cardboard, newspaper, white and colored paper, parchment, foil - can be turned into a beautiful dress or accessory. This was the purpose of display of clothes created by each participant.

Children (4 to 16 years) from different schools in Tbilisi participated in the event. More than 40 children of different nationalities presented on the catwalk the results of their imagination and handwork (clothing and accessories) made from different types of paper, while the teacher Tamara Sulkhanishvili commented on each of the work. The students of the kindergarten and Sunday School of the "Hayartun” Cultural Center also participated in the show.

Students of Shushi department of the Narekatsi Art Union in RA had also represented pictures of their work on the paper show. And 14-year-old Zhenia Muradyan, who came from Yerevan, presented clothes of her own production.

Host of the evening, the teacher of aesthetics Tamara Sulkhanishvili in turn also presented different types of paper clothes.

At the end of cheerful and entertaining show the Head of the Diocese of the Armenian Apostolic Orthodox Church in Georgia, His Grace Bishop Vazgen Mirzakhanyan blessed the audience and praised tastefully organized by Tamara Sulkhanishvili activities, which are dedicated to environment protection. Bishop Vazgen Mirzakhanyan welcomed the unification of children from different countries in the project and the organization of such educational activities, and described the show as a wonderful festivity.