Karekin II addresses AAC Georgian diocese juridical status issue
During the 17th session of the General Assembly of the Inter-Parliamentary Assembly on Orthodoxy (IPAO), Catholicos of All Armenians, His Holiness Karekin II expressed hope that the meeting in the Armenian land will provide opportunities to alleviate discrepancies in the Christian world.

According to him, currently the separation of church from the state is conceived as mutual exclusion of two ideas, what leads to formation of indifference among the population towards the spiritual life. "We strongly believe that the solution of temporal problems is impossible as long as the state keeps away from the church," Catholicos of All Armenians said.

Referring to the Armenian-Georgian ecclesiastical relations, His Holiness Karekin II noted that through similar events an agreement may be reached on provision of a juridical status to the Georgian diocese of Armenian Apostolic Church.