The announcement
Dear citizens of Akhaltskha! Three teenagers died on the 22nd of November because of the car accident on the way to Tavarni, one of the suburbs of Akhaltsikhe; they are: Petros Petrosyan, Manuchar Maxatadze, and Davit Gasparyan. Two more teenagers, who were in the same car accident, Tsolak Balasanyan and Ashot Sapondjyan, are seriously injured. There is a need of a big amount of money for Tsolak Balasanyan's surgery, because his family is not available to pay for it. We already have a certain amount of money, but it is not enough for serious surgeries. So I want to ask everybody who is available to help Tsolak Balasanyan's family with money, contact with the following phone numbers: 8-10-99595913746 or +99595913746
Always your prayer- priest Ter Manuk Zeynalyan.