Confrontation between christians and muslims in Mokhe village in Adigeni region, between Javakhk and Ajaria
Adigeni is a region between Javakhk and Ajaria. It is populated by christian Georgians and muslim Ajar Geoprgians. Mokhe is one of the villages in this region. The old mosque’s house, that was not being used as mosque for many years was assimed to be converted to cultural center.

But when the mosque demolition work started, the local muslims complained about this and required that the workers stop the work, as they consider the mosque house transformation as a sin. After this the workers had left the village.

Also the christian residents had complained. They disagree because there is no cultural center in the area.

This caused confrontation between between christians and muslims in Mokhe village. The Polive controls the situation and the meetings of protest were pieceful, without any incidents.

Today’s protest was attended by about 70 people. Muslims claim that they will not allow to build a cultural center at that place, and mosque shouldbe protected, even at blood’s cost. And teh christian’s warnm, that if the muslims don’t stop their protest, they will organize meetings, as well.
News transalted by Javakhk Media.