Collective baptism in Akhaltskha
At the initiative of the Spiritual Superintendents of Akhaltskha, members of needy families of Akhaltskha were baptized during a collective baptism ceremony held in the Second Shakht residential district of Akhaltskha. There were nearly 20 people baptized, including a child of Os descent. The ceremony was followed by a short concert organized by the choir of the local church and the schoolchildren of Second Shakht.

After the baptism ceremony, all the attendees tasted the sacrificed lamb, and the needy had a chance to take pieces of the sacrificed lamb to share with their families. The ceremony of sacrificing of lamb was sponsored by Hovhannes Grigoryan, who had granted seven lambs to the spiritual superintendents of Akhaltskha for the baptism ceremony and sacrificing of lamb. Spiritual superintendent of Akhaltskha, Fr. Friar Hakob Sahakyan and Fr. Priest Torgom Vardanyan explained the sacred symbol of the Baptism to the baptized in detail.