Artash Elbakyan of Akhaltskha sets world record
Artash Elbakyan set a new world record in the Berd territory of Rabat district. The sporting event kicked off with the performances of the Georgian and Armenian national anthems, after which 25-year old resident of Tsughrut village of Akhaltskha region Artash Elbakyan spun 402 times on a horizontal bar.

Representatives of the records federation from Tbilisi registered Artash Elbakyan’s record and will transmit the video of the new record to the World Records Federation.

In the end, Artash Elbakyan was granted a medal, and President of Sakrebuloy of Akhaltskha Oleg Sandroshvili handed a diploma to the record-setting athlete.

The previous record had been set by an athlete from Armenia who spun 162 times on the horizontal bar.

Let us mention that this is the first world record set in Akhaltskha region.