$20.8 million pledged at Telethon 2010
Hayastan All-Armenian Fund has raised a record-breaking $20.8 million in pledges at its 13th International Telethon.

The live 12-hour show aired from KCET Hollywood Studios on Thursday and reached millions of households globally.

The live program featured a rich presentation of Armenian music and entertainment, as well as celebrities, political and community leaders, and long time Armenia Fund supporters and donors.

The Telethon culminates Armenia Fund’s global fundraising campaigns that included Phone-a-thons, gala dinners, and benefit concerts, as well as the annual benefit gala held in Moscow and the 11th Pan-European Phone-a-thon held in Paris.

Armenia Fund, along with its global affiliates will provide detailed information within the next few weeks, regarding total number of donors and pledges. The Fund will conduct and verify, as well as collect, all pledges made during Telethon 2010. Within the next few weeks, the Fund will release further details.

As always, Armenia Fund continues accepting donations online (www.ArmeniaFund.org) or through 1-800-888-8897 or 1-888-300-9271.